This page is owned by my six ferrets, who, like the cats, will maybe get their own page and photo album too in future
So here they are:


Gizmo is my first ferret, a sable male of almost 3 years old. He won two photo contests with this photo.

Mouffy and Bashu

Mouffy and Bashu, the albino twins, or rather the clones, I can't keep them apart......... They're almost 5 years old.


Jingo is an almost 3 year old albino, a bit of a softie, which makes him very lovable :-)


Emmy is a Siamese chocolate female, probably 2 or 3 years old. She's very special, and we were brought together by fate I think. She hates other ferrets, and loves all cats.


Rose is my latest addition, born on or around March 6, 2003. I bought her as a friend for Emmy, and as she is a female and young enough not to impress Emmy too much, Emmy has accepted her. Rose is very smart and at 11 weeks could already get almost everywhere where she wanted to go.

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